my name is riyo.  
talktothesun is my work name.

i was born and raised in japan.

i have been making things just like all other kids when i grew up...
my mother prepared some scraped paper found from the local paper recycle place and always put those paper on my table to play with...

apart from those childhood memory, I have a huge influence from children literature, mid century designs as well as my own family and culture, especially from folktales and zen.

Many people have always encouraged me to move forward to reach my dreams. Many people and places have given me inspirations to make these dreams into something more realistic.
it took me for ages what i really wanted to do and i still have lots of dreams whether i am little or grown up!

my experience as a rubber stamp maker started at glebe market in sydney australia back in 2008, although i was making them as my hobby since i was little. my curiosity and creative energy as well as many friends' and family's encouragement moved my goals higher. i really am happy that i found something i really like doing both as hobby and work.

i wish my rubber stamps and my shop will be a source to make a crafty time for you and for your family and friends.

Happy handmade!!