news in 2015

happy belated new year. it is june 2015 already. i have been very busy since the new year started.
in end of march to early april, i finally had a change to go on a new adventure. that was a chance to travel to cologne, bonn, dusseldorf, hagen and amsterdam. it was during the easter holidays. for me being in japan, it was a perfect break time for off season to travel to europe.
i have never been to west part of germany except for a brief visit in cologne, munich and frankfurt back in 2002. i have never been to netherlands either. so the weather there was unexpectedly cold and windy for me...i enjoyed tremendously to explore somewhere new.

i have decided to share a few photos i took there in both germany and amsterdam.
i very much hope to be back to amsterdam as there were so many places i could not go in 2 days. also, next time, i would love to visit some other part of europe.

this trip gave me a great refreshment and had a plenty of time to doodle! some new rubber stamps were updated in my shop after this holiday.

around the same time in march, i got an email from the sketchbook project team about the news that one of my page of the sketchbook i joined back in 2012 was included in their book "the sketchbook project world tour". i enjoyed that projects. anyone basically join after registering to participate with some application fees. some of my favorite artists were promoting the event and my friend let me know if i knew about it. i checked and i found it very interesting that someone's sketchbook would be stored at their library. it would be like reading someone's art journals. so i started it. it was hard in the 1st few pages as i was not sure what to do...after that, i let my imagination and started drawing or stamping!

they are the page the team chose to include in their book. there are more info in my "blog/media feature" section in my blog.

well, that is all for now. but i will be updating some custom made stamps i have done so far this year will be listed here soon.