happy october

since my last blog post...3 months have passed without realizing it!

there is a happy announcement...
2 shops in australia and new zealand will be stocking some of talktothesun's rubber stamps...
the shop info is listed here.

other than that, i have been pretty busy making lots of rubber stamps, studio constructions and helping some kids school work during summer!

my studio got a new floor boards...it used to be tatami mats but for safety reasons and from its age, it was time to change. the result is great and i enjoy working there smelling natural wood.
yet, i have not got time to install furniture other than my work tables and a cabinet...so it will be restored before christmas hopefully but if not, i will wait till end of january after my work have a little break then...cannot wait to get some new shelves and a little coffee table....

autumn is here in japan...but we have had 2 biggest typhoons this year (one of them is approaching to japan right now...so we don't know how bad it will be...). some photos of our neighborhood.
lots of great  food and nature is just beautiful!

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