experimental printing. DIY stamp and shopping tote for myself.

i have been making more experimental rubber stamp designs lately for my personal stamp collection to create prints...
here are some results i got.
there are more designs i wanted try...but this 10cm size triangle took me nearly one hour to carve
i have learnt some improvements further. i hopefully get 10-15 new additions this year for my own stamp collection! (for sale...i have kept adding...there will be 40-50 new and renewed rubber stampdesigns in the next 3 months.)
took me to carve 1 hour!

i used regular fabric ink pads. fabric paints might get better clear prints
but they will be toothick to get the carved pattern on fabric!

made this tote. it will be my new shopping bag.

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Yasmeen Elsayed さんのコメント...

thanks ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Rianne van der Waals さんのコメント...

Lovely and beautiful stamp and bag you made!!!
Hav a nice day :-)

riyo さんのコメント...

thank you for your message, yasmeen and rianne!