some of highlight photos from australia...

caines, australia

block arched, melbourne, australia

NGV, melbourne australia

mornington, victoria, australia

manly, sydney, australia

bundanoon, nsw, australia

mittagong, nsw, australia

vintage shop, mittagong, nsw, australia

MCA, sydney, australia
great barrier reef, old, autralia


my 2 shops reopened!

from monday 17th, the shops will be operating as usual.
i have been replying to all the enquiries i received during this holiday, please give me this weekend to reply them all.
also, anyone who could not order custom orders during holidays, i am happy to organize a quote etc.
please contact me.

my highlight of this trip to australia were:
they were the 2 places i wanted to go for a long time!
it all came true!
enjoyed walking the quiet beach and bush....

catching up old friends there was a lot of fun.
i met my old friend from my hometown (whom i had dinners and talked about futures...) as she now settled in sydney for good. it was really different to see someone from my hometown there but nothing has changed and her lovely australian family was wonderful. i am happy to see her doing well in such a different culture and environment.

next time i go and visit friends in australia...
i will definitely make time for going to other cities i have never been to...
and visiting some gift shows and designers' markets which i could not do this time.

now, i have 100+ doodles i drew during this holiday and some new ideas to improve my hobbyXwork small business...oh, before that, i have to get back to reality and go to the tax office!