DIY: stamp tutorials

i found the original idea from pinterest somewhere...
anyway, i thought i give it a try and it really worked to get some background texture on the paper. (next time, i will see what it looks like on fabric...)

what you need...
*baker's twine
*block (i use acrylic block to make it easier to see through the design. it can be any kinds of blocks as long as you can hold it)
*tack'peel (this is a great product!!! reusable cling sheet which you paste on the block permanently. you use it for the cling rubber stamps, unmounted stamps or other materials on the less adhesive side to be able to change any designs...as you cut this reusable cling sheet onto blocks which makes more sense as you don't have to cut it onto rubber stamp shapes...and you can put any sizes of rubber stamps on the block without finding suitable blocks for rubber stamps...there are a few good youtube videos to learn how it works.)
if you can't find it...you can purchase it on my 2nd shop ( www.talktothesunsupplies.etsy.com )or you can use strong double sided tapes instead...although double sided takes are hard to clean and permanently glued.
*inks (i use versa craft ink pads as i can use on both paper and fabric)
*pens and pensicls
*other rubber stamps

other materials you can put on the block pasted with reusable cling sheet other than twine...
bubble wraps, sponge...anything really with texture...can be instant stamps!

how to make an instant stamps...
1)cut the reusable cling sheet to match with the size of the block you have. please be careful, there are 2 adhesive sides...one strong and one weak. the weak sidw will be the area to put stamp materials. so make sure the block and cling sheet is paste with the strong adhesive side.
2)wrap some twine around the block and make sure the side where ink is applied to be flattened and pasted onto the cling sheet nicely.
3)put some ink and stamp it!

i added some more motifs and designs to the paper above to make it look more personal using other rubber stamps or adding drawings.

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