DIY: "snip art" instant stamp tutorial

another alternative stamp idea!

what you need...
*"snip art" stamp kit...this will be available in my shop soon.
   (alternative materials you can use...foam tape which used for carpentry and craft. they come in narrower width but you can create small stamps. also, 2-4mm foam sheet you can find at the craft shop at the kids' craft section. thin wrapping foam...thin smooth kitchen foam cloth...etc.)
*backing - wood block, acrylic block etc
*craft knife - this will be needed if you wanna cut more details
*images which you wanna cut out

how to make...
1) i drew directly on the foam...but do not press a pen too much as the foam might get damaged.
    another way is....put the template over the foam and cut out along the template.
2) cut each design....if you do some detailed designs...it will be easier to use a craft knife
3) out some double sided tape or put some glue and paste on the backing. (if you use the foam from the snip art kit, there are adhesive sides so peel the sheet and paste on the backing directly.)
4) put some ink and stamp!

*there are some clear sheet included in the kit...but they are not thick enough to hold as a rubber stamp...so it will be nice to paste onto something more sturdy if you wanna hold the stamp!

anyway, overall, this is quite user friendly...as all you need is cut and paste on the backing...
you can design and cut each element to create a larger picture instead of carving or cutting the whole design.

the foam itself is not as strong as a rubber block...so it is probably easier to make some simple designs!

by the way, i made a card of horse running in the field...as next year will be the year of horse!

some more art works by members....
by ebi

by kyoko

by osa

by me (talktothesun)

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