DIY: snow globe

there are many craft projects i want to try...making a snow globe is one of the projects...
after many blog post reading and you tube tutorial checks...i have come to my conclusion...

originally, i admired jullie an's snow globe idea using a lovely mason jar ( she has really wonderful and easy to understand tutorials!)..then i realized that we can't find it here in japan so easily...

so i went to my local 100yen stores to check what kind of jars are available since i have not got any recyclable jam jars at the moment. then i found a small simple glass jam jar.

after more research and a few failure...here is what i learned and what i discovered as my how-to.
it is aaaaaaa lot easier to make than i ever imagined!

what you need...
1) glass jar or plastic jar
2) glue (water proof)
3) miniatures (anything really...but green tree miniatures can be bleached after one season...which was mentioned in jullie an's blog post)
4) water (some say distilled water...other say tab water )
5) glitter ( i really recommend the tiniest glitters as they reflect like snow dust!)
6) liquid glycerin (but then i found out that liquid paper glue can be used!)

how to make a snow globe...
1) glue our miniatures on the bottom of the glass ( i didn't glue it on the lid...please see the reasons later)
2) wait until the glue is dried and put water 95% of the glass
3) put some liquid glycerin
4) add some glitters
5) close the lid tightly and shake the water! if the glitter didn't move slowly...you can add tiny bit more glycerin. if you found the glitter is not shiny enough, you can add it more...just make sure lid is closed tightly before shaking the jar!

some failures....
mistake 1: i put the sponge stage to make the polar bear and tree higher toward the smooth glass surface...but i didn't cut the sponge small enough to close the lid correctly...so the stage was squeezed and the trees didn't stand straight...i will need to cut the stage much smaller to close the lid correctly....

mistake 2: the glitter was too big and didn't look not so peaceful! better to use much much smaller glitters to make it more like snow dust!

the benefit of using the jar upside down: the glass bottom is on the top so your snow globe will get more lights. but depending on a jar, you will need to create a stage to make the miniatures more visible. 

the benefit of using the jar as it is and glue the uniactures on the the bottom of the glass: no need to worry about leaking!

other useful info: green trees may bleach by time and water might become greener..some suggested to glue the lid...but i didn't glue so i can change the water and add new glycerin, glitter and water later to use it permanently...

in addition,
if you put those green trees...the water will turn into green...a bit due to the dye!
i can keep it clean changing the water and glitter just like a fish tank...
mmm, some blog post i searched had a mention about the tree bleeding green! so some suggestions were to use white tree, use pinecones, bleach green trees before putting them into a snow globe...etc.

some more photos...

for these 2 snow globes, i glued some glitters on the bottom of the jars to make it look like snow...

jewelry charms were added as gift wrapping...

by me and members...


DIY: "snip art" instant stamp tutorial

another alternative stamp idea!

what you need...
*"snip art" stamp kit...this will be available in my shop soon.
   (alternative materials you can use...foam tape which used for carpentry and craft. they come in narrower width but you can create small stamps. also, 2-4mm foam sheet you can find at the craft shop at the kids' craft section. thin wrapping foam...thin smooth kitchen foam cloth...etc.)
*backing - wood block, acrylic block etc
*craft knife - this will be needed if you wanna cut more details
*images which you wanna cut out

how to make...
1) i drew directly on the foam...but do not press a pen too much as the foam might get damaged.
    another way is....put the template over the foam and cut out along the template.
2) cut each design....if you do some detailed designs...it will be easier to use a craft knife
3) out some double sided tape or put some glue and paste on the backing. (if you use the foam from the snip art kit, there are adhesive sides so peel the sheet and paste on the backing directly.)
4) put some ink and stamp!

*there are some clear sheet included in the kit...but they are not thick enough to hold as a rubber stamp...so it will be nice to paste onto something more sturdy if you wanna hold the stamp!

anyway, overall, this is quite user friendly...as all you need is cut and paste on the backing...
you can design and cut each element to create a larger picture instead of carving or cutting the whole design.

the foam itself is not as strong as a rubber block...so it is probably easier to make some simple designs!

by the way, i made a card of horse running in the field...as next year will be the year of horse!

some more art works by members....
by ebi

by kyoko

by osa

by me (talktothesun)


oh comely issue 18

my breakfast rubber stamp was featured here on issue18 oh comely.
each rubber stamp is about the same scale as children's toys so once you stamp on paper...it will be a nice scale for the regular card size (A6).
available at here in my shop.
if you wanna add another food in this set, it will be available as a custom made order.


DIY: stamp tutorials

i found the original idea from pinterest somewhere...
anyway, i thought i give it a try and it really worked to get some background texture on the paper. (next time, i will see what it looks like on fabric...)

what you need...
*baker's twine
*block (i use acrylic block to make it easier to see through the design. it can be any kinds of blocks as long as you can hold it)
*tack'peel (this is a great product!!! reusable cling sheet which you paste on the block permanently. you use it for the cling rubber stamps, unmounted stamps or other materials on the less adhesive side to be able to change any designs...as you cut this reusable cling sheet onto blocks which makes more sense as you don't have to cut it onto rubber stamp shapes...and you can put any sizes of rubber stamps on the block without finding suitable blocks for rubber stamps...there are a few good youtube videos to learn how it works.)
if you can't find it...you can purchase it on my 2nd shop ( www.talktothesunsupplies.etsy.com )or you can use strong double sided tapes instead...although double sided takes are hard to clean and permanently glued.
*inks (i use versa craft ink pads as i can use on both paper and fabric)
*pens and pensicls
*other rubber stamps

other materials you can put on the block pasted with reusable cling sheet other than twine...
bubble wraps, sponge...anything really with texture...can be instant stamps!

how to make an instant stamps...
1)cut the reusable cling sheet to match with the size of the block you have. please be careful, there are 2 adhesive sides...one strong and one weak. the weak sidw will be the area to put stamp materials. so make sure the block and cling sheet is paste with the strong adhesive side.
2)wrap some twine around the block and make sure the side where ink is applied to be flattened and pasted onto the cling sheet nicely.
3)put some ink and stamp it!

i added some more motifs and designs to the paper above to make it look more personal using other rubber stamps or adding drawings.