from kyoto japan

here are some photos taken in kyoto...
there are so many lovely places to visit there....
here are a few places i visited first time and really loved them!
also, i enjoyed so much visiting temples and shrines for autumn gardens and events...and some tea time having traditional tea.

hitsuji ( home baked doughnut shop. the way they bake and serve fresh doughnuts are really great! there are some space to eat in with ordering a cup of drink. great customer service too.)
there are other links written by some people in english and french.

inoda's coffee (japanese old fashioned cafe...they have a wonderful blended coffee...they serve dripped coffee. not espresso. their breakfast menus are wonderful! recommend to go there early in the morning...the main branch located near kawasumaoike subway station and sanjo avenue is the only place where you can get breakfast from 7 am.)

mametora goon branch is one of the restaurant where you can get reasonable kyoto kaiseki lunch. the one i had was about US$40 including these mouthful size sushi set. recommend to book before going there. it is very close from kawaramachi avenue where are many shops are located toward yasaka shrine. you can also dine at night. but the dinner course is full kaiseki course so it will cost from US$100 or more.

otsuka gofukuten is the kimono boutique in kyoto. i visited the shop near kiyomizu dera. really lovely shop with vintage kimono selection to new retro modern kimonos. there are other range of high quality hand crafted items including resin candy earrings (contains real kyoto candy...created by local artist...). upstairs of this shop is a gallery which holds different exhibitions regularly by local artists. you can get already made kimonos or you can buy a roll of fabrics using their unique retro modern patterns! their kimonos are wearable daily!

here are my usual visits in kyoto...
great to see seasonal beauty at the gardens/temples...

nanzen-ji and ginkaku-ji are both located in north east of kyoto city...if you can get rented electric bicycles, it will be a nice bike ride...you can get there by bus easily but a bit of walk from buss station as they both located in the outskirt of mountains. i like both temples as they have beautiful zen gardens!

kamigamo shrine craft market is held at one of the shrines i like to visit for monthly craft markets...there are a few others...but this is one of them i like in kyoto. there are wide range of hand crafted items and food...if you would like some food cooked by locals, there are kyoto tea stalls and cafes...to hand crafted bags and many many others...this is also where you can meet creative artists and crafters.

two stalls i totally loved at the kamigamo shrine craft market are:

icelolly is the cutest of the cutest! they make really cute shrinking plastic earrings and brooch pins...each design is hand drawn and painted by them...they cost really reasonable...for me i would say...really cheap! US$5.00 per item! i ended up buying several....they are not at the market every month but they join in several other craft markets in kyoto.

chichetti / jyurakusha....chichetti is one of the brand?project? in the shopping catalog felissimo famous for its cute products collaborated with lots of different artists and design companies. jyurakusha is a famous paper company in kyoto using japanese paper and yuzen. it was a collaborated products by them...i am not sure where the owner of the stall was from...but this stall definitely stood out among many others.... they were selling paper gift boxes, handcachief made from strong pulp, cotton tote bags and various envelopes which were made from really durable japanese paper!

also, there are a couple of hand carved stamp makers who sold their lovely rubber stamps and hand printed postcards...i could hardly pass them! i had to stop and look and get some cute stamps and postcards for myself...

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