Into the Woods: DIY Autumn Stamped Tote

a lovely blogger alex shared her DIY ideas on her blog today with one of my rubber stamp sets.
the geometric rubber stamp set is available here.

her DIY tutorials is here. take a look!
this geometric shapes turned into a lovely forest.

Into the Woods: DIY Autumn Stamped Tote: This crazy simple DIY is actually quite similar to the stamped print t-shirt . It is insanely easy and it makes for a great project on ...

via into the woods

via talktothesun.etsy.com


EMMA illustrated by barbara cooney

i found this lovely children book illustrated by barbara coney.
i have read her other book long time ago.
new favourite book :-)

this book is about an elderly lady (who is 72 in the book).

story review from amazon.com

"On Emma's seventy-second birthday her four children, seven grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren gave her a painting of the little village across the mountains where she grew up. "It's beautiful," she said, but that was not what she was really thinking. "That's not how I remember it at all," she said to herself.

One day Emma bought paints and brushes and painted her village just the way she remembered it. This was the beginning of a whole new life for her.

Wendy Kesselman's delightful story was inspired by the artist Emma Stern, who began late in life, and Barbara Cooney's exquisite illustrations are based on Emma Stern's paintings."


etsy front page feature.

my  mini bear face rubber stamp has been featured twice this month on etsy front page.
this little guy is 15mm size mini rubber stamp which will be great to stamp on smaller gift tags!


how to put inks on larger rubber stamps with little ink pads...

this is one of frequently asked questions!

when you realise you only have little ink pads for large rubber stamps....here what we do...it is a bit like putting some ink with a stencil sponge!

1)place the rubber stamp on table
2)hold the ink pad in your hand
3)tap the ink pad softly onto the rubber stamp
4)you will see which area of the stamp is covered inks..

here is the video i took....on instagrame...if you are interested..please check!
talktothesun on instagram: how to put some ink on rubber stamps!