recent custom made rubber stamps...

i have been working on more shop logo custom made rubber stamps.

i have some frequent requests on making custom made shop logo rubber stamps.
here is my answer.

1) full custom made. design a logo and carved a rubber stamp by talktothesun. it is a commission work. so the cost includes the design fee and custom made rubber stamp fee.
here is my basic shop logo custom made listing including a custom made rubber stamp. the costs will be more if your requests include more information or larger rubber stamp sizes to create.

2) semi custom made. design by you and carve a rubber stamp by talktothesun. design fee will not be charged but you will need to send me a complete image of your logo. 

3) semi custom made. drawing sent by you. redesign and carve a rubber stamp by talktothesun. design fee will be charged depending on how complete your drawing is. 

in any cases, i will discuss basic information with customers individually thoroughly to reach the basic terms and conditions. then, a custom made listing to be ordered and paid upfront in full before all designing and making process begins. 

if you are interested in custom made logo rubber stamps, please contact me via etsy conversations or message me via etsy message (not message via timeline as they will be visible in public. ) or contact me via email.

here are some of my recent custom made rubber stamps.

for  the shop accessoriesbymoi

for the shop mimi pic

for a lovely stamp lover in the us

for a lovely mom in the us

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