DIY: wall deco

i bought a set of wood board a while ago which i planned to use as handles of rubber stamps...but it turned out too thick to use! so i was thinking what to use for a while...then, after i made some magnets using glaze for making jewelry using pendant base...similar to resin jewelry.

here is the look...
i used:

  • vintage children book pages
  • sun glaze or you can use paper vanish
  • wood block (1in thick in any sizes you can find0
  • sun glaze or pvc glue
  • knife
  • 2mm hexagon glitter

here is how i made...

  1. cut the image as same size as the block
  2. paint the block with glue nicely
  3. paste the image on the block
  4. after it is dry, apply sun glaze slightly on the top of the image twice
  5. before it is dry, put some glitters slowly
  6. after the first coatings are dry and most glitters are glued on to the first coatings, apply a few more sun glaze nicely to be top coating
  7. dry it somewhere without dusts for some hours
  8. add hooks if you need to hang it somewhere

if you would like to purchase these ones, please contact me via etsy ($25.00 plus the international postage).

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Maria さんのコメント...

Wow I love them! The whale is my favourite :-)

riyo さんのコメント...

thanks, maria!
i have been thinking to send them as a gift for my friend's little girl who is 1.5 years old for her room...