useful craft books from japan and etc.

recently, i have many emails where i get my rubber stamp materials, how to make rubber stamps.
so i made a short list of useful info.

where my materials comming from?
there is no secrets really...i sell some of materials here in my shop. they are widely available in japan...from any local stationery shops to craft and art supply stores in japan. you can basically use school erasers to start with! so start with something you can find easily!

what tools?
i use craft knives/carving knives...something i have been using for a long time. i have tried a few western carving knives and lino cutting knives but i found it hard to use because the thickness of handles and angle of knives were different from what i am used to.

how do i make rubber stamps?
there is my how-to-guide in this blog.
google it! there are many many ways to make...there is no right and wrong...youtube has many tutorials in english or in your language!!
after you make some...you start getting used to making them and you will have your own techniques!

here are some videos i liked...

there are some craft books which can be helpful...
there are many sample designs you can use. so all you need it to trace and carve!
many of them are contributed by popular japanese rubber stamp makers.

see here, here, here, here  or here where to get craft books. (they are all written in japanese)

i personally do not sell any designs as a craft book or printables at the moment. i used to have a zine! but i am trying to change them to downloadable zine sold on etsy. it should be ready sometime in summer.  so if anyone who would like my designs, please contact me for a full custom made rubber stamps which will be designed and carved for you!  if you have your designs, i have semi custom made rubber stamps as well.

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