DIY: handmade magnets and push pins

materials and tools you need:
  • vintage books/newpaper/scrap paper
  • wood discs/scrabble pieces
  • magnets
  • pins
  • diamond glaze
  • E6000
  • scissors or craft punch 
  • craft knife
  • water proof marker
  • rubber stamp ( i used mine!)
  • water proof ink pad
  • paint bruch
  • gloves
  • washi tape
  • cutting mat
  • large clear container which can be a cover

how to:
1. choose images you wanna use....
2.trace the size of the wooden disc you wanna use and cut the image to fit on the disc. make sure the image is not larger than the wood disc!
3. paint the thin layer of diamond glaze as a glue to paste the image on the disc (if you don't like your hands get dirty, i recommend to wear a pair of gloves.)
4. wait for a while until the paper glued on the disc 
5. stamp a image of rubber stamps with water proof ink pad or write something with a water proof marker...or add some collages on the top...
6. after the message you wrote dries, put a few thin layers of diamond glaze as coating
7. after the glaze are all dry, turn over and put some E6000 and magnets or push pins
8. wait for a while and magnets of pins are ready!


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