book: stamp it! by lark crafts

finally, the book is out!
last year i got a contact from jenny doh who is the author of this book and i sent some rubber stamp projects using my original rubber stamp designs....in this book you can find 6 projects.
it is the very fist time to work with this kind of big project for me...! so i just didn't know what to do and it really became a wonderful experience.

the book has 45 projects for mainly beginners....(for kids, it can be advanced as there are some detailed designs to carve. ) as making projects themselves other than carving rubber stamps, there are simpler projects which probably easy to try and quick to make.
there are 200 motifs in the back of the book. this is great as 9 artists who created them so you can find different styles.

since i was born and raised in japan...the way of approach of this book is different! for me, i used to have millions of photos of each stamp and gillions of design samples...so in this case, i didn't feel too many! but i guess it might be a good volume for people who want to try!

ishtar olivera who is a wondeful illustrator/rubber stamp maker wrote a nice review about this book in english and spanish! i liked her "house" gift card idea and tea hot holder idea! her craft tutorials are something recommended to read!

memi the rainbow is someone who has japanese cute zakka styles living in paris! i like her fun cute rubber stamps!

gertie jaquet has a series of rubber stamps which have stories for children books. i really admire that her world of illustrations and rubber stamps have their own magic world!

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Wonderful! I will have to check at work tomorrow whether I can order the book! :)