DIY: handmade magnets and push pins

materials and tools you need:
  • vintage books/newpaper/scrap paper
  • wood discs/scrabble pieces
  • magnets
  • pins
  • diamond glaze
  • E6000
  • scissors or craft punch 
  • craft knife
  • water proof marker
  • rubber stamp ( i used mine!)
  • water proof ink pad
  • paint bruch
  • gloves
  • washi tape
  • cutting mat
  • large clear container which can be a cover

how to:
1. choose images you wanna use....
2.trace the size of the wooden disc you wanna use and cut the image to fit on the disc. make sure the image is not larger than the wood disc!
3. paint the thin layer of diamond glaze as a glue to paste the image on the disc (if you don't like your hands get dirty, i recommend to wear a pair of gloves.)
4. wait for a while until the paper glued on the disc 
5. stamp a image of rubber stamps with water proof ink pad or write something with a water proof marker...or add some collages on the top...
6. after the message you wrote dries, put a few thin layers of diamond glaze as coating
7. after the glaze are all dry, turn over and put some E6000 and magnets or push pins
8. wait for a while and magnets of pins are ready!



useful craft books from japan and etc.

recently, i have many emails where i get my rubber stamp materials, how to make rubber stamps.
so i made a short list of useful info.

where my materials comming from?
there is no secrets really...i sell some of materials here in my shop. they are widely available in japan...from any local stationery shops to craft and art supply stores in japan. you can basically use school erasers to start with! so start with something you can find easily!

what tools?
i use craft knives/carving knives...something i have been using for a long time. i have tried a few western carving knives and lino cutting knives but i found it hard to use because the thickness of handles and angle of knives were different from what i am used to.

how do i make rubber stamps?
there is my how-to-guide in this blog.
google it! there are many many ways to make...there is no right and wrong...youtube has many tutorials in english or in your language!!
after you make some...you start getting used to making them and you will have your own techniques!

here are some videos i liked...

there are some craft books which can be helpful...
there are many sample designs you can use. so all you need it to trace and carve!
many of them are contributed by popular japanese rubber stamp makers.

see here, here, here, here  or here where to get craft books. (they are all written in japanese)

i personally do not sell any designs as a craft book or printables at the moment. i used to have a zine! but i am trying to change them to downloadable zine sold on etsy. it should be ready sometime in summer.  so if anyone who would like my designs, please contact me for a full custom made rubber stamps which will be designed and carved for you!  if you have your designs, i have semi custom made rubber stamps as well.


DIY: stamping on fabric with fabric paints - part 1

i have been thinking of stamping on a piece of cloth, plain t-shirts, scarf etc...using fabric paints.

here are the list of things or techniques i used in the past to paint or add some texture on fabrics!

  • silkscreen printing
  • stencil
  • stamping with versacraft ink pads designed for using on paper, fabric, wood etc. 
  • drawing with fabric markers
  • tie dye using both natural and chemical dyes

since i started teaching myself silkscreen lately...there are many fabric paints in my house....i know they can be used on stamping if you make those inks smooth and apply them on to rubber stamps...you can use them instead of using ink pads designed for stamping on fabric. i have some requests lately how you can turn those regular fabric paints out of tubes into stamping ink pads...i decided to  show the results!

for this part 1, i used pebeo fabric paints out of bottle and i didn't add anything to make it thinner but applied straight onto a rubber stamp with a paint brush and stamped it. don't forget to set the inks with heat after stamping...this is very important whichever techniques used for stamping on fabric!!

things you need:
  • fabric/clothes. i used this kids' leggings (size 100/ for 12m) 
  • fabric paints
  • paint brush
  • versa craft ink pads
  • rubber stamps (any rubber stamps! my handmade rubber stamps are available here or my craft supply shop for already made japanese rubber stamps.)
  • wet tissue, towel, kitchen sponge, soapy water to clean rubber stamps
  • iron ( need to set the inks with heat after paints are fairly dry naturally! )

results are the following...

  • it was not easy to put the paint equally on a rubber stamp with a paint brush! 
                          maybe, i could have used a make up sponge which i use for the liquid 
                                     foundation as this sponge has a smooth texture.
  • paints were too thick and easy to dry on rubber stamp (see: pink elephants)
                          probably need some water added or need something to weaken the paint to 
                                     make it easier to apply on rubber stamps with a paint brush
  • depending on what materials you stamp on...it will not be easy to stamp
                           i used a stretchy cotton fabric so it needed a little pressure to stamp as the fabric
                                    paints straight out of the bottle was very thick
  • you might see the brush strokes from the rubber stamp on the stamped image
                          probably not serious issues to see those paint brush strokes. but i like the smooth
                                   clean surface for my stamped images like when i stamp with versacraft ink pads. 
                                   (see: green polka dot was stamped with ink pads.)

so for the part 2, i will try to resolve these issues without buying extra printing tools or materials...
i will make an instant ink pads with fabric paints and something you can find from kitchen!
coming soon....


book: stamp it! by lark crafts

finally, the book is out!
last year i got a contact from jenny doh who is the author of this book and i sent some rubber stamp projects using my original rubber stamp designs....in this book you can find 6 projects.
it is the very fist time to work with this kind of big project for me...! so i just didn't know what to do and it really became a wonderful experience.

the book has 45 projects for mainly beginners....(for kids, it can be advanced as there are some detailed designs to carve. ) as making projects themselves other than carving rubber stamps, there are simpler projects which probably easy to try and quick to make.
there are 200 motifs in the back of the book. this is great as 9 artists who created them so you can find different styles.

since i was born and raised in japan...the way of approach of this book is different! for me, i used to have millions of photos of each stamp and gillions of design samples...so in this case, i didn't feel too many! but i guess it might be a good volume for people who want to try!

ishtar olivera who is a wondeful illustrator/rubber stamp maker wrote a nice review about this book in english and spanish! i liked her "house" gift card idea and tea hot holder idea! her craft tutorials are something recommended to read!

memi the rainbow is someone who has japanese cute zakka styles living in paris! i like her fun cute rubber stamps!

gertie jaquet has a series of rubber stamps which have stories for children books. i really admire that her world of illustrations and rubber stamps have their own magic world!