spring is in my neighborhood.

when i was a little child...i hated my neighborhood...i really did because it was far away to go anywhere on foot or by bike...i had to walk 4km to school in the rain or in the snow getting soaking wet!!

then, all those things do not matter anymore and started realizing how peaceful and luxurious things i could ever have...the view has not really changed some decades...just a few small apartment buildings were build in the past 5 years but that is all. even my uncle decided to come back to make his birth house into his 2nd home after 60 years of not-turning-back-to-hometown moments!

here are some photos of my grandmother's cherry tree and some neighbour's ones. they are so lucky not being cut down. in japan, we don't have any council rules to cut those trees down...it is all depended on neighbors or land owners so many old trees were cut down due to the issue of car parking lots or cost of garden maintenance recently.

my grandmother's tree in spring is the moment for me to remember her where she used to sit down and do gardening...and i used to see that from my house window and was always relieved to see how well she was that day...or it seemed to be a good day to walk her house for a cuppa tea...or taking my dog to let her spoil him with her handmade doggie snacks. her tree always reminds me of her and her memories. these kinds of things means more and more when i grew older.

grandma's cherry tree.

neighbour's path between garden and farm. nothing is really special .

my neighbour's. they grow flowers for living.

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Miki さんのコメント...

Beautiful photos! I love sakura, but the blossom is only just opening here in England. We had a very long, cold winter, but now I think spring has finally arrived!

riyo さんのコメント...

thank you, miki!
i hope you have a wonderful spring as you have many beautiful gardens everywhere!!