how do i store handmade rubber stamps?

how to store your hand carved rubber stamps

1)find a place cooler/shady and not too humid...
these type of handmade rubber stamps do not like heat and sunny place in the house. they gets soft and in the worst case, they get stickier...i guess it might be chemical reaction with the heat and strong lights...

2)store each on the flat box...such as chocolate box or nice scarf box...or kitchen utensil container shown in the pic....plastic document filing folder. make sure to put paper lining before storing rubber stamps as to avoid rubber stamps sticking to the storage box.

3)please do not cram handmade rubber stamps all in one box like a child's toy box. they are delicately carved. so if each of them stuck together....they might destroy the design. each handmade rubber stamp block are made from slightly different rubber...so it won't apply with every stamp though.

4)cleaning each time after use also help the rubber stamp condition nicer and keep their quality as new as possible. then, storing them could be easier and neater!

anyway...i hope it helps!