how-to guide to maintain and clean your felted items...

Friendly instructions to clean your hand felted items

Lucky, felt is quite strong, water resistant and flame retardant. However, it is an animal fiber so it may shrink if you accidentally put in your washing machine or hot water…All of our felted items which “talktothesun” creates are made from Australian fine (22micron) merino wool produced and made in Australia.


Here are several useful tips how to clean those handmade items.

Most of small stains can be cleaned rubbing gently with a wet sponge or towel.

To clean the whole felted piece, it is a good idea to wash by hand with cold water and a mild soap (olive soap is ideal.). Squeeze out moisture in a towel and hand out to dry. Please do not use a dryer. As we mentioned before excess heat will make wool shrink. Wash gently as much as possible, depending on how soft felt is made and what kind of fibers are used…

When an item becomes furry, you can rub with some soap water and dry. Otherwise, use a lint remover to get of pieces

Some of felted scarves can be ironed in a lower temperature.

If there are any holes or space where could be really difficult to clean or repair. Please do not hesitate contact us to get some ideas to clean or fix them. If you wish to leave them with us, there will be some additional costs to repair something.